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  • January 17, 2022 8 min read

    2022 heralds fresh beginnings; a time to rethink old habits and re-imagine new ones. You may ask, “How can I make the most of this time of reinvention? Who do I look to for support and guidance?” The answer is simple; your family and friends! The people who bring so much joy and meaning to your life with a warm smile and a heartening word.

    In the spirit of celebrating new beginnings with old (but much beloved) faces, we can’t ignore two extremely important events on the calendar; Chinese New Year (Feb 1, 2022) and Valentine’s Day (Feb 14, 2022).


    This is the ideal time to declutter your life from the stress of last year, and bring good fortune to the people who mean the most to you. How better to do that than to send them a heartfelt token of affection? They change your life for the better every single day, the time to reciprocate that sentiment is now!

    In the spirit of this new season of health, happiness, and family, we’ve shortlisted the most popular gifting essentials for Chinese New Year and Valentine’s below. Your loved ones will be overjoyed when presented with these creative gifts!


    dear one #1 miniature rose herbarium



    Chinese New Year Gifts in 2022

    Renewing the Body, Mind & Soul

    Chinese New Year or The Lunar New Year is almost upon us. On February 1st, we officially welcome The Year of the Tiger. While each family celebrates its traditions differently, the theme is ubiquitous; The Lunar New Year is recognized as a time of strength, prosperity, and goodwill.

    How do you plan to celebrate this year? Some choose to stick with tried-and-true traditions while others are forging newer paths in their journey of self-discovery. We’re seeing people make more mindful choices with their life, buy cleaner products, and connect with nature and the earth and disconnect from technology. 

    As this new season heralds the arrival of spring, a time when nature itself bursts into full bloom and sheds its dreary winter colours, we as humans look back on our past and make essential changes in our lives for a brighter future. 

    With this in mind, we’ve highlighted our top 5 Chinese New Year gifting items in 2022 to help your loved ones embrace a brand new year in a brand new way!


    Apothecary Gift Box

    Speaking of nature, the Apothecary Gift Box is a must-have on your gifting list in 2022. It celebrates themes of freshness, purity, and vitality and is the ideal gift for all those self-care lovers on your shopping list. 

    The box includes a hand wash and a hand lotion, both of which emit deliciously heady aromas of ylang ylang and sandalwood. Sandalwood is venerated for its protective energy and spiritual aura. Ylang ylang promotes self-confidence. The Year of the Tiger is especially a time for great strength in the face of adversity.

    What better way to kick off the New Year than with a gift that strengthens the mind and body to their greatest potential? Your family and friends will be moved by your thoughtfulness!


    Dear One #1 Miniature Rose

    This is a creative way to show your loved ones how special they are to you. Made with real flowers, each bloom is completely unique in its shade, size, and shape! The rose is an eternal symbol of love, courage, and beauty

    Roses are also symbolic of new beginnings and rebirth. If you know someone who is embarking on a new adventure or is in the process of re-inventing their lives, the rose will send them your good wishes. 

    Each bloom in this bottle is a reminder of how we have the ability to re-imagine our lives however we wish. It is never too late to do so and every person is deserving of the very best life has to offer. What better time to remind your loved ones of this than the Lunar New Year!


    Marula Firming Botanical Body Oil

    Self-care is an apt theme for the Lunar New Year. Your loved ones are often busy taking care of everyone else, they neglect their own well-being. Remind them of how equally deserving they are of affection with the Marula Firming Botanical Body Oil.


    essential botanical body oils


    This is an intensely rejuvenating cream that fends off dryness and dullness and keeps the skin looking supple and healthy. This isn’t just any gift - it has a hidden meaning! The Marula tree is a symbol of fertility, tenderness, and new life. If you have any moms-to-be on your shopping list or if you’d just like to show some special love to the amazing women in your life, this body oil is a great gift!


    Wood & Soil Biodegradable Diffuser

    2022 is a time for new beginnings, new adventures, and stronger bonds. The 100% biodegradable Soil & Wood Diffuser is an excellent harbinger of good fortune. Gift your loved ones this stylish and earthy fragrance and help them unwind after a stressful day. They’ll think of you fondly every time they catch a whiff of the vivifying pine, peppermint, and lemon. This is a scent profile like no other!

    For several cultures around the world, pinewood  symbolizes wisdom and longevity. This is one of our top picks as it diverges from the materialism of the holiday season and instead seeks to cultivate more meaningful gifting habits. This Diffuser is for the home and the heart and your loved one will be impressed by the thought you put into their well-being!


    Decorative Cushions

    To re-invent oneself also requires a reinvention of one’s surroundings. This Chinese New Year, we’re ushering in bold yet stylish home decor items to cleanse the space and the soul. The Double-Sided Plaid and Floral Cushion is one of our top home decor picks to lighten up the space and make a strong statement this year. 

    The best part? This lovely cushion is decorated in hues of blue, grey, orange, and red which are recognized as lucky colours often connected with well-being and prosperity. Red especially is the most popular colour in Chinese tradition and it has come to symbolize happiness, success and good fortune. Whoever the lucky recipient of this gift may be, they’re going to feel your affection for sure!



    Valentine's Day Gifts in 2022

    Small Items With Big Heart

    Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th across the globe as a time of love, admiration, and friendship. Although Valentine's can become a very materialistic day, it’s important to remember that every gift has meaning. This year, we encourage you to gift mindfully.


    photo courtesy by Ruslan Bardash, Unsplashed 


    While Valentine’s is historically a day for lovers, we believe that there are no rules for love - it manifests in all types of relationships under the sun! So whether you’re looking for the ideal gift for your spouse, parent, friend, or anyone else - romantic, platonic, or familial - we have some eco-friendly and highly unique items to get you started.

    Below, you’ll see our top 5 Valentine’s Day gifting items in 2022  to convey your deepest respect and affection for your loved ones in a meaningful way.


    Red Silk Robe

    Elegant and seductive, this beautiful gift is for all the red hot lovers out there! The Red Silk Robe is a great twin buy; one for you and one for your better half. It ushers in romance and regality like never before. The brilliant red hue is reminiscent of all the best parts of Valentine’s; hearts, red roses, delicious Rosé, strawberries with champagne by the fire, satin ribbons, and more.

    Red, of course, is an undying symbol of romance. Over time, it has come to be associated with the Roman Goddess Venus who is often seen with a bouquet of red roses in her arms, symbolizing love, purity, and tenderness. If you want to convey your feelings of amour this Valentine’s, this silk robe is a wonderful gift!


    Gold Diamond Bracelet

    What is Valentine’s without a little bit of bling? This resplendent gold and diamond bracelet is a timeless piece. It makes for a great gift to parents, siblings, spouses, and friends to express deep-seated gratitude.


    diamond redline bracelet


    The bracelet emanates an edgy appeal with its dual design and partial bright red body. Red has long since been celebrated as the colour of romance and good fortune. Diamonds, on the other hand, are connected with love, strength, and health. Truly, there are no better sentiments to convey to your nearest and dearest during Valentine's than these. Brighten up your loved ones’ faces and wrists with this beautiful bracelet!


    Ruby Home Diffuser

    Love is in the air! This eye-catching diffuser is a lingering reminder in your loved ones’ living room of your affection for them. While Valentine's is a day for romance, it’s also a day for self-love. There’s no better way to help your loved ones destress than with these calming notes of rose and cedarwood wafting softly through the air.

    A true sensory delight, the scent of rose is sweet and spicy while the balsamic notes of cedarwood perform a deep cleansing of the mind and the soul. Around the world, cedarwood has come to represent strength and eternity, especially through difficult times. Even poets and artists through the centuries have depicted the cedar tree in their works because of this. 

    The verdict is in. The Era Ruby Red Diffuser Stilé is a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift with loads of hidden meaning all packaged in a very attractive red bottle.


    Flower Haze Decor Bottle

    A modern twist on a traditional flower arrangement. This is a very unique gift. There is no better way to shower your loved ones with loads of affection this Valentine’s! The Flower Haze Bottle is filled with real flowers, each as distinct in their shade, size, and shape as the people in your life and their unique personalities. Pair it with a  beautiful card to convey your love for the recipient - what a wonderful combo!

    This flower bottle is even capable of unleashing a dramatic effect of light and shadow in monochrome and accent lighting. Your loved ones will be dazzled and delighted! Whether you gift this to a parent or to your better half, this gift serves as a permanent reminder of your deep devotion to the people who’ve made you the person you are today. This is for sure one of our top Valentine’s picks!


    Apothecary Shampoo & Conditioner

    Get up close and personal with a bathroom essential! The Apothecary Shampoo and Conditioner are a gift from nature itself. These all-natural ingredients are a must-have on any bathroom shelf. Both products are perfect for all hair types and deeply cleanse and moisturize the hair.  These also emit subtle tones of ylang ylang, sandalwood, and cedarwood to enrich the bathing experience. 

    Your loved one will really appreciate the thought and care you put into this gift. Self-love is so important  but our loved ones constantly seem to be putting others first. This Valentine’s, turn the self-care spotlight on them and make sure they are pampered in luxury!



    photo courtesy by Huu Thong, Unsplashed


    Gifting is Easy When You Have These Essentials On Your List!

    Each of the above gifts is extremely unique and conveys a very distinct emotion. Some strongly symbolize romantic affection while others express undying gratitude for your biological connections. Gift-giving is an art unto itself but that art is rendered so much easier when you have these essentials on your shopping list!

    The Lunar New Year is a time of renewal, decluttering and rebirth. The Year of the Tiger symbolizes strength and resilience through difficult times. As we prepare to spend this new season with our friends and family, let us remember their pivotal role in our lives and work on strengthening old bonds and forging new ones!

    Valentine’s is a time of unbridled love and gratitude for those who’ve showered us with affection and asked for nothing in return. Romance is definitely in the air! At a time when the world is distracted by fleeting news and temporary pleasures, let us remember to cherish those long-lasting relationships in our lives - the ones that are simply irreplaceable. 


    Thanks so much for joining us today. Secret Location wishes you and your family a very prosperous New Year and a warm and heartfelt Valentine’s!