November 24, 2016 1 min read

Ukrainian clothing brand BEKh launched in 2010 with a new perception on brand image and fashion itself. We are good friends with creator Maria Bekh and applaud her unique vision. Here’s a brief inner look at this designer, visit us to learn more!

Much like fashion, things change in an instant, and Maria’s adventure into fashion started on a slightly different path. Her London and Paris studies in International Business slowly transitioned into Fashion Design and Fashion Brand Management. Little did she expect that exploration into the unknown, and discovering something new, would eventually be recognized by the likes of Vogue, Forbes, Elle, and Cosmopolitan. Based in Kiev, Ukraine, Bekh has spread to Japan, Italy, and North America.

Nobility is the DNA in all BEKh collections. Says Maria, “This is the key idea for my brand and for me is a statement: don’t go for the brand, go for the item.” These bold words strike home and hit hard as we are continuously bombarded with ads from big brands. Ask yourself, “Do I like this item because I like the style? Or because it makes me look like I have style?” We love that BEKh products highlight personality and inner perfection in garments that we can logically connect with. One of our current favourites is the Embroidered Blouse with Bell Sleeves (top picture, below). The added details of hanging thread embroidery is created with hand-traditional Ukrainian excellence, the perfect raw and refined look of BEKh’s vision. Throughout our friendship with Maria, she has taught us that fashion doesn’t correlate to your style, you must be an individual to recognize it.

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