November 02, 2021 2 min read

Ahh back to school - a phrase that either strikes apprehension for some and a relief of total excitement for others (I'm speaking to you parents). It is however, a necessary pathway for those who want to develop & learn new skills that they can apply in the real world. Currently, there are two systems that we are familiar with - traditional education and modern education. The difference? We'll begin to explore..

Such as the 'old' or traditional ways of the education system; which worries itself with linear rules & regulations throughout its structure, may also hinder the practical need for creative problem solving. Right or wrong, yes or no, true or false - this type of learning doesn't leave much room to cultivate curiosity, questions, and experiments. Where memorization over critical-thinking becomes a habit. The greatest answers of our time was never written in an astronomy textbook, so why apply this same thought-process to all students?

"Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions" - Dave Chappelle

Though traditional ways shouldn't be seen as necessarily wicked, but should be seen as a time since passed. Learning from the past. The modern education system is however, taking note and started addressing this in the form of online schooling. Teachers are able to structure flexible schedules for both themselves and students. Practical learning and theories are applied with little cost (thanks to digital mediums), while nurturing a creative mind.

As some of you may know, we like to convey a message in each of our windows - ones that should be taken with an open mind. Our latest September installation captures a surrealistic-take on traditional school arrangements. Stacks of books, over-sized paint brush, and essential clothes to help get back into the school year and explore more about the world and themselves than what is taught. We wanted to highlighted the enthusiasm and importance of creativity & innovation needed at period like today.





Books & Home

Textilepedia: The Complete Fabric Guide
David Hockney. A Chronology. 40th Anniversary Edition
Dear One Carpe Diem Pepper Berry, Satin Pink
Small Drip L Shape Candle Holder, gold
The Map, Globes - Canada
Monet, book
Fancy Words Notebook, cobalt
Mondrian, book
Fashion History From the 18th to the 20th Century Book
The Fashion Business Manual
Tessuto Blue Diffuser Stilé, 250ml
Ball Body Vase, light blue

Clothing & Accessories

Solace Monogram Jacket, beige
Monogram Reversible Bucket Hat, beige
Bird Hoodie, grey
Bird Lounge Pants, grey
AirPods Case, black crocodile
Acco Medium Shoulder Bag, camel
Bird Lounge Pants, black
Hook Long-Sleeve Shirt, off white
Server Coat, beige
Meadow Midi-Dress