June 25, 2019 2 min read

Window displays are recognized as the entry into the soul of a store, allowing those who stumble upon them to stop, think, and share the moment for even a mere second. We've arranged our favourite window displays & installations in which that tells stories of surprise, celebration, and fascinations.


GCDS Window

February 2016

Quite literally taking it to the streets, our GCDS window display reflects the brands vibrant and iconic patchwork pieces. Stylish nylon bombers, comfortable leotards, and boy-friend jeans stand alongside the impeccable interior hand-done graffiti.
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Summer Beach Window

June 2016

Our summer window featuring MOEVA combines the luxe swimwear, accessorized with light-tone pieces, and an indoor sandcastle. Chic & sweet, the chosen items instantly evokes the need to getaway to a summery resort.
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Yazbukey Window

August 2016

This Yazbukey window plays with the vision of a private members club where guests enjoy the secret lounge whilst drinks in hand. Dark ambient lighting, bright neon signs above, and a crowd dressed impress.
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Pacman Window

December 2016

We incorporated the beloved character, Pacman in this Christmas window & installation. The interactive display spotlights the classic game with feature handbag and bright bowties. Inside the store you can catch Christmas trees with eyes and our video wall with the Pacman game itself!
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Attico Window & Installation

April 2017

Attico meaning Penthouse was the vision for both window & interior displays of the store. Vintage furniture, unique wallpapers, and Attico pieces evokes a collection of chic and stylish penthouse glamour.
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Avant Garden Window

May 2018

A peculiar but captivating array of garden greens, spring-time hues, and stylish pieces. The avant garden window perfectly reflects the warm seasonal beauty that Gastown provides.





Christmas In Space Window

November 2018

The surrealistic Christmas In Space window displays handbags, heels, and trees aimlessly floating around two-trendy astronauts. The set was complete with stars of the galaxy decals.
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