July 12, 2018 1 min read

What better way to enjoy a staff night out than in the company of artisanal cheeses, cured meats, and a wide selection of quality wines?




The entrance to Salt Tasting Room is often missed, located in a dimly lit alley in historic Gastown. Those enamoured with the history of our area (get enamoured here) realize this groundbreaking concept - while new - pays homage to the era when sailors stumbled these alleys fuelled by Gassy Jack himself.  

Throughout the evening we discovered wonderful new cheeses, exotic meats, and character wines. Some of us took a while to decide due to the sheer variety of options, while others ordered quickly and confidently. Thankfully, the patient and friendly staff at Salt walked us through the menu and spoke effortlessly about pairings. Their expertise reading and reacting to our preferences was clearly on display. 



Due to the size of our group, we dined in the cellar normally used for storage and display of their finest wines. Stunning! A setting like this put us in an inquisitive frame of mind lending to endless questions and discovery.



We ended the evening happy and full (the tasty meatball and bruschetta sides partially to blame).

For a classy and stylish yet relaxing night out, seek the Salt Tasting Room.