September 27, 2019 1 min read

Mid September on a Thursday afternoon. Up above the weather is what you'd expect in the West-Coast, questionable clouds blocking the daylight from peeking through. What to wear at this time of year? Our talented design consultant Serena used this to her advantage, putting together a look that consisted of layers & accessory pieces that can be effortlessly changed to suit the weather. One particular detail that our stylist conveyed is that comfort was at the forefront of the outfit.

As one famous fashion figure once said..

"Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury" - Coco Chanel.




Instantly, the cozy navy & white checkered cardigan perfectly designed by a jacquard knit technique, giving the piece it's unique look and feel. Underneath, white ribbed Maggie Marilyn top effortlessly matches with the Brognano skirt. Accessories include the large Mother of Pearl safety pin which acts not only as a closure to the cardigan, but an accessory too. Attach the pin to another piece of clothing like a seasonal jumper or wear with a ponytail hairstyle. The purse, of course, a Chanel vintage tassel bag in smooth lambskin. The choice of shimmering white & gold accessories couldn't have completed the outfit any better.


Mother of Pearl cardigan
Maggie Marilyn top
Brognano skirt
Apple & Figs earrings
Aperlai shoes

Chanel Vintage available only in-store