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  • June 10, 2021 5 min read

    Summer is almost here and, with that, house parties are going to be in full swing. Are you planning to invite your besties to a soirée at your place? Maybe you're looking to host a family reunion after several months apart. With countries gradually easing up on restrictions, people are eagerly looking forward to creating brand new memories with their loved ones.

    If you have big party plans this summer, we’re here to help you convert your living space into the perfect setting. Just by adding a few tiny tweaks & elements to your home, it’ll be spiffy and stylish to wow your guests! No matter the style or aesthetic you’re aiming for, these items are your golden ticket to hacking the hosting game.

    Your friends will gush. Your family will marvel at these new attractive pieces. And you’ll quickly earn yourself the title of, “Hostess With the Mostess” - and quite deservedly so!


    Add A Touch of the Traditional

    Traditional home decor stylings always seem to have a place in the interior decor field. The most common elements of traditional designs are items like ornate furniture, elaborate crystal lighting fixtures and sedate brown and white color options. These influences are largely drawn from 18th century Europe and have now traversed the globe. Today these same influences no longer suite the 21st century era, but should be taken as inspiration to create a modern approach.

    Thinking of doing a traditional makeover? This is a great place to start. Your summer parties will have that alluring panache - think about the rich oak-laced sets of Mad Men, the sheer intricacy and opulence of the Jane Austen era, and the mellowed dignity of Gone With the Wind.

    Our two most popular picks capture this wonderful aesthetic. The Large Candle Stand ushers in a measure of sophistication and pragmatism to your living room. Guests will marvel at the simplicity of its design and its ability to bring back a golden age into a new style of decor.

     saucer & cup; gold tea legacy set 


    Our second pick is unmistakable in its appeal. Austen celebrated delicate manners and intricate furnishings. What better way to pay homage to her vision than with a tea set - one of the bastions British culture. The Gold Tea Legacy Cups re-define the classics with a healthy splash of vibrant hues. This tea set will find itself right at home in your patio dining space, especially perfect for a luncheon with your close cirlce.



    Blow Them Away with your Inner Bohemian

    The natural influences and excessive patterns of bohemian culture have been vastly popular, especially when it comes to clothing and wedding dresses. It’s time to bring that delightful look to your inner space.

    If you’re known to host impromptu events, small gatherings and themed parties, the boho aesthetic is for you. It represents strong feelings of freedom, trips to the flea market, and an exotic mix of items that show off your nomadic side. Stunning colors and even more stunning the patterns usually associated with this style.


    interior decor; blossom vase


    The Royal Blue Blossom Vase is an artwork in itself. It's rustic and immersive, transporting you to a flush meadow, dancing in the rain, and spending endless nights under the stars. This beauty will be the centerpiece during your family gatherings, creating a soothing space to connect after lockdown.

    The Frida Kahlo Paperback is a boho essential. It brings a farmhouse feel to the room. If you’re hosting overnight guests, this is especially a great buy. Place it on the coffee table or bookshelf in your guest bedroom to spread those rustic vibes. This book about Frida’s artistic prowess and her revolutionary folklore paintings is truly immersive and adds personality to any room - from alluring Mexican symbols to peculiar portraitures of herself.



    Pair Minimalist with Modish

    Uncomplicated designs and clean finishes - you’re speaking to a minimalist’s dream decor! This celebrates uncluttered living spaces - often inspired by Japanese living - and prioritizes the adage of less is more, utilizing white space as a means to fill an area. This is the perfect setting if you plan to host casual events - from intimate two-person dinners to book club meetings.

    To satisfy your minimalist sensibilities, we strongly recommend the Double-Ended Twist Candle collection by Lex Pott. These candles are stylish as they are demure. They do not beg for attention but rather command it. The hypnotic splash of color goes really well in an otherwise monochrome living room - an especially good item for those intimate dinners where adding a little fun into the table setting wouldn't hurt.


    Double-Ended Twist Candle, Rihanna Illustration; interior decor


    Speaking of monochrome, add to your living room or bedroom with some beautiful artwork. We recommend this eye-catching Portrait of Rihanna - a pop superstar and style icon who has transformed the moderne era as we know it. From the clothes you see on the street to the music you hear, Rihanna has had a hand in the formation of pop culture. The painting has a faraway enhancement that simply draws you in - a great conversation starter!


    Elevate Your Space with the Eclectic

    Perhaps one of the most exciting home decor ideas on this list - eclectic chic! When we think about eclectic chic, we’re thinking about high-spirited items that are incongruous but still complement each other to a tee. This also ropes in another popular trend - shabby chic. It’s important to remember that eclectic furnishings are meant to celebrate your unique flair - the rules, after all, are made to be broken.

    To embrace your eccentricities this summer, we have a few items to elevate the decor. The Gold Money Box collection is all the rage. Each takes after a spirited animal offset by its beautiful porcelain gold-coated exterior. Use it for your coins or simply place it on your mantelpiece or bathroom shelf to spark an interesting conversation.


    bold bunny box; pols potten


    Artwork is really what makes for a modern decor. Not to be outdone, the Amy Winehouse portraiture is right at home in an eclectic enthusiast’s den. Amy is the queen of off-kilter music and captures the essence of soul, rhythm, blues and jazz. Place this beauty in your living room - especially pleasing during a low-key poker party or an evening banquet & delicious aged wine with your friends.



    Slay The Game with Nautical Glam

    Nautical sentiments are gaining immense popularity in home decor. This is all about capturing the aesthetic of the sun-kissed sand, the endless waves and the breezy blue skies. After all, who doesn’t love a cozy afternoon on the beach, with an immersive book in hand and the sound of the surf as company?

    Usher in that same setting to your living space. Your guests will be uplifted by these healing and heady pieces. This is an especially good decor choice if you’re someone who loves to host intimate parties at home with cocktails at hand and plentiful finger food - all reminiscent of a gleaming beachside cafe.


    reading area; interior decor


    The #1 item to keep your eye on is The Crazy Vase. Even at a single glance, you’ll notice the medley of gorgeous colors that are splayed across its surface. The unique palette is meant to mimic the natural hues found in nature; think deep sea coral reefs, unique stones buried in the sand, and the exquisite tones of a dusky evening sky.

    Effortlessly rotate this piece in different parts of your home - from the mantle to the windowsill to the bathroom vanity. This vase is eye candy for you and your guests alike.


    As we shed our pandemic skin and look forward to the golden days, party plans are in full effect. This summer is already shaping up to be an exciting affair. With family, friends, and delicious food on the horizon, there are so many new memories to be made.

    With this handy-dandy guide to home decor, you’ll be well on your way to setting the scene for great conversations, bonding, laughter and unforgettable experiences with your loved ones.

    And with that, happy hosting!