January 25, 2021 2 min read

The Great American Southwest, famously acknowledged for having a landmass with many nooks & cranny's, steep valleys, and sharp rigid rocks - although an arid and fiery climate. Created by the natural erosion of wind & water through thousands of years, the Navajo's Antelope Canyon in Arizona is a place where it's seen as a symbol of hardship, survival, and isolation.

If you've ever visited the Canyon yourself, however, you'll notice there is much more beauty to discover in between and underneath the surface, hidden from plain sight. This is where we sought to shed some light.

Introducing our latest window installation Desert Flame featuring a colour-scheme of browns, beige, reds, and rocks.. and a curation of sustainably produced, luxe-quality pieces. These designs come from a purpose of utility, style, and beauty.






The Antelope Canyon is found situated up North on the US Indigenous Reservation of the Navajo Nation, a Native American indigenous tribe. Being one of the most visited & photographed canyon slots for its natural smooth, flowing rocks, it's no doubt that the Antelope Canyon is a place of magnificent wonder. 

As we get ourselves settled into the new year, we're focusing on immense beauty, sense of discovery, and unity. At a time when the year before brought about turmoil and uncertainty to us all, we can now put it behind us and look to share the positive, looking forward to a new horizon. Our window installation incorporates a blend of influences, from a Western approach to style, to the remarkable geography of the Navajo Nation, and finally connecting our Lunar New Year gift guide - shining on all things lucky and red.




Powderpuff Midi Vegan Leather Jacket
Pump Handle Shoulder Bag
Pattern Silk Cushion
Vase Flowers Sketch
Christo and Jeanne-Claude - 40th Anniversary Edition