April 13, 2018 3 min read

Some of us Vancouverites get to a point where we simply can’t tolerate any more cold rain and grey skies. I reached that point this April and sought a local with a bit more sunshine. Here enters, the Mohave Desert.

If by now you’ve not understood,

I tend to live life in the extremes. And I couldn’t think of a more sweltering place. I’m not very good about sitting still while getting Vitamin D, so here’s my list of musts in the Mohave Desert.


Route 66

O.K. fellow Route 66 enthusiasts, who may or may not have watched Thelma and Louise a few too many times... nothing beats taking a drive in the middle of nowhere. When you reach Route 66, something happens. You feel as if entering into your own retro drama film. With preplanned playlists, and the right airy apparel, this was definitely our situation.

Don’t forget to stop at Oatman, where the wild burros (donkeys) come from the mountains surrounding to eat the treats I’m sure you’re going to buy for them.


Sara Park

Sitting along side Lake Havasu is Sara Park, a gorgeous hike with its towering pink/purple rocks. Don’t forget your bathing suit to jump into the lake once you’ve finished! Warning: Unless you’re in love with the heat, or have a severe desire to be incredibly parched - I don’t advise doing this hike in the middle of the day.


Sunset Cruise

Although I needed some heat, I’m that pale person who can be sun burnt in 15 min. If you suffer the same chalky complexion, this is the activity for you. Lake Powell and Lake Havasu are two of my favourite lakes beautifully situated in the middle of the desert, thanks to the Colorado River.


  • A boat (there are several local companies that rent them)
  • Bottle (or two) of champagne
  • Snacks
  • Camera

The desert at sunset changes quickly, each hue more beautiful than the next. Until you’re left with the stars, and hopefully, some great music. This is something not even worth describing, as I know I wouldn’t be able to do it justice. Just do me a favour and add it to your list. And, if you’re not game to rent a boat, watching the sunset from shore is just as gorgeous.

London Bridge

Bizarrely enough, parked along side Lake Havasu is London Bridge. Built in the 1830’s, it previously spanned the River Thames in London. Until Robert P. McCulloch bought it from the city of London in 1967 and had it dismantled then reassembled in his city in Arizona.

On most weekends, take a stroll over the London Bridge and do a little people watching (or boat watching) of the channel. It’s pretty much the boat equivalent of Fast and the Furious.


Side by Sides / Nellie E Saloon

Seeing the desert is one thing, being in it is another. An incredibly fun way to do so is with side by side ATV’s. Racing up steep hills and pulling wheelies, be prepared to have your entire body thickly coated in dust.

Ultimately, ATV's are the best way to get to Nellie E Saloon. A dessert bar on the site of an old mining camp with live music every weekend in the winter.


Have a great trip!

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