February 04, 2019 1 min read

Love and appreciation is all that matters whether you are celebrating Valentine's Day or Single Awareness Day with your friends. 

We partnered with Cici Chen and Bauhaus Restaurant to showcase three outfits for just these special occasions. For those of you looking for unique and special gifts for loved ones, check out our "Gifts of Love" collection. 


Look 1

A nice balance between modern and vintage. Bright-coloured jacquard suit paired with a floral patterned umbrella is the perfect look for those who love to experiment with colours.



Osman Jacquard Jacket
Osman Jacquard Trousers
Chloe Gosselin Glitter Sandal Heels
Joomi Lim Long Pearl Earrings
SuperDuper Hats Harmonium Hare Fur Felt Hat
Living Gold Venus Rose, rose gold
Pasotti Floral Umbrella


Look 2

Grasp your partner's attention with this romantic look. A clean and simple - yet elegant - outfit for the perfect date night. 



Maggie Marilyn White Dress
Living Gold Venus Rose, yellow gold
Barrie Honeycomb Cardigan
Nana-Nana Bucket Bag
Joomi Lim Long Pearl Earrings


Look 3

This outfit is perfect for a casual lunch date with your partner. A casual stroll through the park or by the seawall is the best way to relax and recharge together.



Maggie Marilyn Ruffle Bomber Jacket
Astrid Andersen Crop Top
Osman High-rise Trousers
Bevza Navy Belt Bag
Nana-Nana Red PVC Bag
Memobottle A5 Water Bottle
Ejing Zhang Disc Earrings
Axel Arigato Black Sneakers
Joomi Lim Long Pearl Necklace as body chain