February 08, 2018 1 min read

Scan QR code for random coupon amount up to 2018 RMB ($400 CDN). Redeem for in-store purchase using WeChat Pay, now until Feb 28, 2018.

扫二维码领取随机金额红包,高达 2018 人民币。店内消费以微信支付抵扣红包金额,活动日期到 2月28日2018年结束。

Promotional Terms and Conditions

Conditions: A coupon will be redeemed with minimum purchase of RMB30.
Promotional period: 2018.02.01 - 2018.02.28
使用范围:中国大陆境外所有参与红包活动的线下门店适用;有效期 2018.02.01 - 2018.02.28

The Offer:

1. A coupon with a random amount up to RMB2018 will be received by scanning the below QR code, which will be automatically redeemed when the customer makes a payment over RMB30 in participating stores.
1. 用户线下扫二维码可获得一个红包,红包金额最高可多达2018人民币(长按识别二维码无效),下一次消费满30元人民币自动抵扣,宏博。

2. A customer can scan to receive another new coupon only if the previous one has been redeemed.
2. 当前红包需使用完,才能再领取新红包。

3. Each WeChat account could redeem up to 5 coupons outside China.
3. 同一个用户在海外地区(香港除外)最多可领红包5次。

4. User’s WeChat App needs to be upgraded to version 6.5.8 or above to get the coupon.
4. 本次活动仅支持微信客户端版本号为6.5.8或以上的用户参与。

5. A WeChat account using the same account number/ID number/cellphone number/bank account number will be recognized as the same account.
5. 同一手机号码、同一银行卡、同一身份证号、同一微信账户均视为同一用户。

If you have any difficulties to redeem the coupon, please contact WeChat Pay customer service at +8657195017