Shoe Care Travel Edition

Size Guide

Perfect for cleaning and protecting your shoes and trainers on the go. The Protector is an invisible, odourless spray designed to repel liquids and protect your shoes and accessories from stains.  The Cleaning Solution is a gentle foam that conditions and cleans stains from all materials.



  • All-natural & biodegradable.

  • Includes: The Protector, Cleaning Solution, premium soft hog hair bristled brush, shoe care cleaning towel, dust bag.

  • Size: 100ml.

  • Handmade in the UK.



  • The Protector - Can be used on all materials, including; suede, canvas, nubuck, leather and more.

  • Cleaning Solution - Safe on all materials.  Apply foam to shoe and use brush & cloth to treat specific areas.
  • Cleaning Suede: Proceed with extreme caution as the colour on some dyed suede may run when exposed to liquids. Once dry, revisit the suede and start to buff with a dry premium brush bringing the suede back to its original state.