Capitol Records Hardcover (Musical History)

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From the archives of legendary music labels, Capitol Records brings the most awe-inspiring stories the world has ever known.

To commemorate this extraordinary history of recorded music, this official account of Capitol Records, from its founding year of 1942 to today. Hundreds of images from Capitol’s extensive archives, we follow the label’s evolution and the making of some of the greatest music of the 20th and 21st centuries. Through pop, rock, country, classical, soul, and jazz, the photographic and musical history includes the label’s most successful, cool, hip, and creative stars, as well as the one-hit wonders who had their all-too-brief moments in the spotlight. 

The iconic company is known for putting bands like the Beatles and the Beach Boys on the map. This book is a metaphorical drawing back of the curtains. As told through vibrant imagery, it gives you firsthand accounts of the label's storied history and the birth of modern-day music.



  • Author: Barney Hoskyns

  • Carbon neutral publisher from Cologne, Germany.

  • Size: Hardcover, 30 x 30 cm,  4.29 kg, 488 pages.

  • Language: English.