Double-Ended Twist Candle - Yellow Paraffin Wax

Size Guide

Neon yellow never goes out of style. This double-ended Lex Pott candle exemplifies that style statement. The unique shape breaks the mold, creating an inimitable aura in your home.

It pairs nicely with neutral-toned fixtures, lighting up space in more ways than one. The twist base is intentional to ensure you don't have to splurge on an expensive candle holder. 

Electrifying and eccentric, this candle is a can't-do-without, especially for the modern household. 



  • Weight: 270g (approximately).

  • Material: Paraffin Wax.
  • Dimensions: H24 x W10 x L17.5 cm.
  • 10h Burning Time.

  • Made in the Netherlands.