Era Ruby Red Diffuser Stilé, 250ml

Size Guide

The Era Diffuser transports you to an enchanted forest while all your worries slip away on the sun-kissed horizon.

In a harmonious dance between the earth and the soul, feel yourself getting carried away on a cloud of fruity aromas like blueberry, interposed with rose and cedarwood to anchor those afternotes. Your living space will be transformed into a beautiful melody of sight, sound, and scent in a wonderful tribute to nature. 



  • Red glass bottle & maple wood lid.

  • Stile Capacity: 250ml.

  • Reed sticks included.

  • Olfactory family: Fruity and Floral.

  • Olfactory notes: Cassis, blueberry, rose, vegetable amber, cedarwood.

  • Made in Italy.



  • Place diffuser in an open space, avoid contact with direct sunlight.

  • Insert reed sticks and secure maple wood lid.

  • Turn over reed sticks once dried & the aroma is no longer apparent. Approximately once every two-week.