Thé Green Diffuser Stilé, 250ml

Size Guide

Steeped in age-old Japanese tradition, Thé Diffuser is an ode to the ceremonious preparation of green tea. Lose yourself to the hypnotic wafts of tea leaves, underscored by the earthiness of guaiacum wood. 

Every part of this ritual is meticulously choreographed with each movement having a symbolic meaning. This aroma is incredibly layered just so, to transport you to an ancient tea room were embarking on a journey of mindfulness, purpose, and well-being was practiced.



  • Green glass bottle & maple wood lid.

  • Stile Capacity: 250ml.

  • Rattan sticks included.

  • Olfactory family: Aromatic.

  • Olfactory notes: Bergamot, sencha tea, guaiacum wood. 

  • Made in Italy.



  • Place diffuser in an open space, avoid contact with direct sunlight.

  • Insert reed sticks and secure maple wood lid.

  • Turn over reed sticks once dried & the aroma is no longer apparent. Approximately once every two-week.