Avec Moderation

The “Zulu Chic” Resort 2018 collection is inspired by the loose atmosphere of a 70s jet-setting lifestyle where the Avec Modération muse naturally moves in, mixing her natural allure with her free soul. Vibrant colors, lush feathers, natural stones and wild animal patterns are declined in 4 different models which names recall dreamy holiday locations: Bora Bora, Ibiza, St. Tropez and Miami.

The pony leather is lit by bright colors and inspired by the natural dyes used by African tribes as body decoration while evocative animalier prints are taken from a modern traveler cabinet de curiousités. The marabou feathers open sandals, with their extra-long and exceptionally fluffy feathers, are dressed in satin and evening colors to warm up in the breeze of a full moon urban savanna night. “Zulu Chic” Resort collection is the vision of a perfectly balanced wild and relaxed lifestyle.

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