Aramara Orange Diffuser Stilé, 250ml

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As the gentle summer breeze unfurls across the land, Aramara pays homage to a season of celebration when new life springs forth from the frost.

Bask in the addictive scents of bitter orange and sandalwood to channel happy thoughts and revel in this new season of liberation. This diffuser transports you to plush meadows overlooking the sea. Breathe in an intermingling of the plaintive sweetness of ripe fruit and the poignant bitterness of the salty air - a true ode to life.



  • Orange glass bottle & maple wood lid.

  • Stile Capacity: 250ml.

  • Reed sticks included.

  • Olfactory notes: Bitter orange, bergamot, sandalwood.

  • Olfactory family: Citrus.

  • Made in Italy.



  • Place diffuser in an open space, avoid contact with direct sunlight.

  • Insert reed sticks and secure maple wood lid.

  • Turn over reed sticks once dried & the aroma is no longer apparent. Approximately once every two-week.

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