Bog Myrtle Incense Cones

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Bog myrtle is an intensely powerful fragrance that resembles the scent of cloves. It is a soothing remedy after a stressful day. Transport your senses to a far-flung land where untamed nature reigns supreme. Not for the faint of heart, this incense celebrates the avid explorer in you.

It was inspired by the bog myrtle plant often found in rugged terrain, dotting the cliffs and the coastline. Its elusive nature makes it a very sought-after plant especially to intensify the aromas of other florals. A hidden benefit; bog myrtle is considered a wonderful insect repellant!



  • 100% Natural, vegan, and cruelty-free.

  • Burn time: 15 min approx.

  • Scent longevity: 2-4 hours (in a medium-size room).



Light the end of the bog myrtle cone. Let it burn for ~15 seconds blowing the ember until red hot. Place in the heart of your home to allow the fragrance to disperse evenly. Use the coin or a heat-proof surface to burn each cone on.



Bog Myrtle Oil, Clove Oil, Raw Incense Cone.

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