Cat Eye Sunglasses (orange, silver & bronze)

Size Guide

These choice cat-eye glasses are bringing femininity to the forefront. Bold orange and somber silver mesh expertly to give your eyes and your admirers a feast for the senses. 

Upon first glance, it's easy to see that the design is not only attractive but unconventional. Cozy bronze lenses are over-scored by the orange brow frames to add a playful twist. It's time to step out in style with the only accessory that matters.

Unclip your chain accessory and easily clip onto a mask, or attach it together to create a necklace.



  • High polish acetate frames.

  • Lenses: 59mm.

  • Bridge: 18mm.

  • Temple length: 140mm.



  • Stainless Steel Snake 3.5mm chain | 70cm long.

  • Steel-plated components.

  • Logo on the end.

  • A set of clear and black grips included.

  • Can be worn as a necklace or glasses chain.



Gently rub some soap and water over them, rinse well, and dry with a non-abrasive clean cloth.


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