Patchwork Monogram Button Down Shirt, wool-blend

Size Guide

Crafted from handmade patchwork mixing small pieces of the monogram jacquard fabric with various tropical wool fabrics, this overshirt references the traditional rural Japanese boro garments.

Paying homage to expert craftsmanship, this masterpiece is adorned with oversized pockets, ivory contrasting stitches done by hand, each one completely unique. A collection and expression of quality and style.



  • Crafted from handmade patchwork.

  • Ivory contrasted hand stitching throughout.

  • Oversized pockets at hip and chest.

  • Fully lined.

  • Single-button barrel cuffs.

  • 100% Wool and Cotton blend.

  • Handmade in Canada. (No.1-10)



  • Dry-clean only.