The Book of Symbols. Reflections on Archetypal Images

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The Book of Symbols combines original and incisive essays about particular symbols with representative images from all parts of the world and all eras of history. The highly readable texts and over 800 beautiful full-color images come together in a unique way to convey hidden dimensions of meaning.

The Book of Symbols sets new standards for thoughtful exploration of symbols and their meanings and will appeal to a wide range of readers: artists, designers, dreamers, and dream interpreters, psychotherapists, self-helpers, gamers, comic book readers, religious and spiritual searchers, writers, students, and anyone curious about the power of archetypal images.



  • Contributors: Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism (ARAS).

  • Carbon neutral publisher from Cologne, Germany.

  • Size: Hardcover, 16.8 x 24 cm, 1.80 kg, 808 pages.

  • Language: English.

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