WA MOGA 29 Workshop

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Hosted by the founder of WA MOGA 29, Reiko Katayama, discover an in-store experience like none other by creating your own personal herbarium utilizing Japanese techniques. 

This in-person event is one that encourages both the creative and the meditative. 

It includes all the tools and materials necessary to create your own herbarium, under the tutelage of the incredibly talented Reiko Katayama.

WA MOGA 29 is a Vancouver-based brand that handcrafts floral herbariums that are both readymade or customized to the full extent for you.



  • In-Person Workshop

  • Includes all Tools + Materials 

  • Select your preferred vessel

  • Date: August 18, 2022

  • Time: 6:30pm

  • Location: One Water Street, Vancouver BC 

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This is not a physical product.