Bergamot & Vanilla Mendula Scented Candle

Size Guide

Childhood flavors spring to life in the aromatic Mendula Candle. The sweet almond scents waft gently through, delivering an earthy freshness with cedarwood and vanilla afternotes.

Rediscover the simplicity of your youth with a cascading wave of the most poignant aromas. Bask in lazy summer days in the park, sweetmeats passing through the kitchen window, and late-night swims to an audience of silent nocturnal blooms.



  • Dimensions: L 8.4 x 8.4 x H 9.7 cm.

  • Candle Capacity: 270g.

  • Olfactory family: Oriental.

  • Burn time: 40hr.

  • Olfactory notes: Bergamot, cloves, amande, cedarwood, vanilla.

  • Made in Italy.