Deborah Turbeville: The Fashion Pictures Hardcover

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One of the most instantly recognized names in the world of fashion photography, Deborah Turbeville, received critical adulation with the release of her book, The Fashion Pictures.

It celebrates the prolific career of Deborah Turbeville's avant-garde fashion photography as told through eye-catching layouts, psychologically-charged campaigns, and playful leaps between commercial imagery and fine-arts photography. As a fashion devotee, the reader will fall in love with the surreal narrative told through this carefully curated collection, undertaken by Deborah herself.

Certain controversial shoots make the pages of this amazing volume such as the Bathhouse series (1975) and Woman in the Woods (1977) collection. Among these are also pre-eminent campaigns with fashion supergiants Valentino, Chanel, Casa Vogue, and more, stitching together a spellbinding tale of the life and times of fashion's favorite daughter.


  • Contributors: Deborah Turbeville.

  • Publisher: Random House.

  • Size: Hardcover, 22.73 x 3.35 x 29.49 cm, 304 pages.

  • Language: English.

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