Decor Diffuser Automobili Lamborghini, 1000ml

Size Guide

In a revolutionary project with Lamborghini, Culti has developed a super scent with plenty of appeal. This punchy diffuser floods the room with fresh leathery tones and energetic aromas that are strongly redolent of stepping into your own luxury sports car and cruising down an idyllic coastal road with the wind in your hair and a sun-soaked horizon in your sights.

Uplifting scents of grapefruit and bitter orange assail the nostrils in a heady sensation like never before. To add that extra dash of vitality, earthy undertones of sandalwood complete the experience.



  • 1000ml.
  • The bottle is painted glass in a Bronze Zenas hue with elegant white silk screen details.
  • Size: L 11,3 x P 11,3 H 25,6 cm.
  • Olfactory family: Citrus.
  • Olfactory notes: Grapefruit, bitter orange, bergamot, vetiver, cedarwood, sandalwood.

  • Made in Italy.



  • Place diffuser in an open space, avoid contact with direct sunlight.

  • Insert reed sticks and secure lid.

  • Turn over reed sticks once dried & the aroma is no longer apparent. Approximately once every two-week.