Japanese Woodblock Prints. 40th Edition

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The woodblock print is single-handedly credited with the wave of japonaiserie that first enthralled France and, later, all of Europe - but often remains misunderstood as an “exotic” artifact that helped inspire Western creativity.

We discover the four pillars of the woodblock print - beauties, actors, landscapes, and bird-and-flower compositions - alongside depictions of sumo wrestlers, kabuki actors, or enticing courtesans - rock stars who populated the “floating world”. We delve into the horrifying and the obscure in prints where demons, ghosts, man-eaters, and otherworldly creatures torment the living - stunning images that continue to influence Japanese manga, film, and video games to this day.

As part of our 40th-anniversary series, this edition compiles the finest extant impressions from museums and private collections across the globe in a lightweight, accessible format, offering extensive descriptions to guide us through this frantic period in Japanese art history.


  • Contributors: Andreas Marks.

  • Carbon neutral publisher from Cologne, Germany.

  • Size: Hardcover, 15.6 x 21.7 cm, 1.41 kg, 512 pages

  • Language: English.