Lamborghini Candle, 210gr

Size Guide

This intoxicating citrus and earthy candle is the byproduct of a legendary collaboration between Lamborghini and Culti. As the first few notes assail the senses, you'll be transported to the interiors of a plush sports car, complete with the electrifying feeling of being at the wheel and the rich vitality of its luxurious veneer.

The combined scents of grapefruit and bitter orange is a refreshing aroma while the sweet and floral accents effortlessly fill the room - and just as easily enter our hearts. 



  • 210gr.

  • Square candle holder finished with matte-white paint and gold.

  • Olfactory family: Citrus.

  • Olfactory notes: Grapefruit, bitter orange, bergamot, vetiver, cedarwood, sandalwood.

  • Made in Italy.



  • Place the candle on a stable, open surface area.

  • Burn wick and enjoy the release of fragrance.

  • When finished, blow out the flame.

  • DO NOT leave open-fire unattended.